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The Frog and the Nightingale
The Frog and the Nightingale

Objective: To understand, appreciate and enjoy the poem, its music and the story in verse.

This is a narrative poem which tells an interesting story. The nightingale is shy, timid and nervous whereas the frog is presumptuous, pompous and arrogant.

A frog croaked all night in a bog in a very loud and unpleasant voice. Nothing could stop the other creatures of the bog from stopping the frog to croak. One night a nightingale suddenly began to sing to the delight of every creature of the bog. All the other creatures of the bog cheered the nightingale and she sang throughout the night. The next night as the nightingale was about to begin her song, the pompous and possessive frog introduced himself saying that her song was fine but it lacked a certain force. The patronising frog offered to train the nightingale so that she could sing much better. The nightingale readily agreed but the frog wanted a fee. The nightingale was very excited and pleased. Soon the nightingale became famous and creatures from far and near came to listen to her. The frog charged an admission fee and made a lot of money. But the frog made the nightingale rehearse too much even in the rain in spite of her unwillingness. The frog persuaded her to sing dismissing her inability. The humble and timid nightingale's voice lost its melody and other creatures stopped coming to the concert. The arrogant frog got angry and scolded the nightingale. The timid and servile nightingale was in tears and her attempt to sing loudly burst her vein and she died. The arrogant and condescending frog blamed the nervous and timid nightingale for her death. And the frog regained control and sang at night in the bog unrivalled.

Answers to the questions in the book:


The correct order of events is as follows:
Once upon a time a frog used to croak all night in a bog, in a loud and unpleasant voice. All other birds and animals which lived in the neighbourhood were sick and tired of the frog's cacophony. But they were helpless. They were pleasantly surprised when one night a nightingale suddenly began to sing. All the creatures in the bog cheered and clapped her beautiful song. The next night when the nightingale was about to begin her song. She was surprised to hear the frog's croaking. The frog introduced himself and offered to train her to sing still better. Soon the nightingale became very famous and creatures from far come to listen to her song. The frog charged an admission fee and made good money from the listeners. But the frog made the nightingale rehearse too much and even in rain, unmindful of the strain and the adverse impact of rain on the nightingale. As a result her voice lost its beauty and the other creatures stopped coming to the concert. Finally the nightingale burst its vein and died due to the strain and adverse weather. Thus the frog once again became the unrivalled singer of the bog.






Personality features



Sorry was that you who spoke

polite, timorous



Yes, you see

For my splendid baritone

Territorial, possessive boastful



Did you ... did you like my song

Shy, nervous, timid



Not too bad, lacked a certain force




Without proper training be a winner

Presumptuous condescending boastful



This is a fairytale -- before my eyes

Servile fawning



But I can't sing in this weather

Frank and Honest



Come my dear - we'll wing together




We must aim - sixty shillings




Brainless bird - your passion

Dismissive superior



I tried to teach her stupid creature

Arrogant superior





Ans: (a)

The frog was very angry because there was no audience.


No. The nightingale was timid, shy, servile and nervous. The frog was presumptuous, pompous, arrogant and acted as if he were superior.


The nightingale died as one of her veins burst. Now there was nobody else except the frog to croak at night. So he became the unrivalled king of the bog once again.



Q.7: (a)

Because 'frog' rhymes with log. The entire poem has a rhyming scheme. The poet wanted to have it throughout the poem.




The words describing various sounds are as follows.
Cacophony, baritone, trills, foghorn. The loudest is foghorn and the softest is a trill.
(1) Foghorn (2) Cacophony (3) baritone (4) trill



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