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The Rime of the Ancient Mariner
The Rime of the Ancient Mariner

One of the three persons going to attend a wedding was stopped by an old sailor with glittering eyes, skinny hands and a long beard. The sailor had magical powers. He transfixed the wedding guest who helplessly listened to the sailor's story.

"I was a sailor on a ship that left the harbours in good weather towards south. After many days, the weather suddenly changed and we were driven towards, the south pole by a very strong storm. Our ship was surrounded by mist and snow and by waves as high as the mast of our ship. Soon the ship was trapped in ice. One day an Albatross came through the fog. We called it and gave it food. Then the weather improved and we sailed towards the south. The Albatross became our friend, came to us whenever we called it and we gave it food."

The sailor stopped suddenly with a frightened look on his face. The wedding guest asked, "What's the matter?" The old sailor replied that he had shot the Albatross with his bowl and arrow.

"As we went along, the weather improved slightly, the wind pushed over ship towards the north away from the south pole but the sun was still covered with fog. My shipmates repeatedly, rebuked me for killing the bird which had brought the breeze. But when the fog persisted they changed their minds and said that I had done a good thing by killing the Albatross that had brought fog and mist.

Then suddenly the wind stopped and 'we stuck. . . as idle as a painted ship upon a painted ocean. The ship did not move at all for many days and it rained. Day after day this continued - it rained, the ship was stuck, we did not even have a drop of water to drink, our tongues dried up and we could not speak. My shipmates gave me dirty looks holding me responsible for their predicament. They hung the dead Albatross around my neck as a sign of my guilt."

Questions :


How Many people were passing by the ancient Mariner? (1 mark)


Three people were passing by.




Where were they going? (1 mark)


They were going to a wedding feast.




How did the ancient Mariner stop the unwilling man? (1 mark)


The ancient Mariner held the wedding guest with his glittering eye.




In which direction was the ship driven by the storm? (1 mark)


The ship was driven to the south.




What accompanied the storm? (1 mark)


Mist and snow surrounded the snow.




What does 'a Christani Soul' refer to? (1 mark)


It refers to the Albatross.




What 'hellish thing' had the ancient Mariner done? What were its consequences? (5 marks)


The ancient Mariner killed the Albatros with his cross-low. Soon after this, the sun rose although it was hidden in mist and a good south wind blew. Then everyone blamed the ancient Mariner for killing the bird 'that made the breeze to blow'!.

But after this, a bright sun shone and then all praised the ancient Mariner for killing 'the bird that brought the fog and mist'.




Describe the predicament of the shipmates. (5 marks)


The ship did not move at all as there was no breeze. There was no water to drink, their tongues dried up and they could not speak.

The shipmates felt that the ancient Mariner was responsible for their predicament. So they tied the dead Albatros around his neck.

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